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Capacity: 100 g

Active substance

Acetampiride 200 g / kg

Dosage form

Wetting powder

Toxicity level

3 class


The drug is used effectively in crops against aphids, thrips, Colorado beetle, mulberry moth and other pests. This drug can also be used with other drugs. Has a systemic effect - affects the penetration into the plant. The drug is highly effective when used at a temperature of +20 - +30 degrees. The drug does not lose its effectiveness even if it rains 2 hours after application.

Scope and consumption norms

Crop type Consumption rate l/ha Consumption of the drug for 10 liters of water (g) Consumption of liquid per 1 l/ha Harmful insect type Number of times used seasonly at most
Tomato 0.3 10-15 300-400 Aphid, white wing 2
Potato 0.3 10-15 200-300 Colorado beetle, aphid 2