May your harvest be abundant and blessed!

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About our company

May your harvest be abundant and blessed!

PETROCHEM AGRO was established in 2016 to provide high-performance plant protection chemicals to farmers and greenhouses, greenhouse owners, plant protection products, fertilizer retailers as well as clusters, and has been working extensively to provide fertilizers with well-quality. Our company supplies high-performance agrochemicals used to protect plants from pests, diseases and weeds, as well as a variety of high-quality and affordable fertilizers used in plant development from large companies with many years of experience in China, Turkey and Ukraine.

Together with the management of our company, employees, customers and fifty partners, we are constantly working to further strengthen the high quality of our products and provide them with the most necessary products for plant protection and effective development. Our goal is high quality, mutual trust and sincere cooperation.

Currently, the number of products offered by our company is more than 50. New types of fertilizers and plant protection products are expected to be added to our products' list in the coming years.