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Capacity: 100 ml and 1L

Active substance

Profenofos 650g / l + Tsipermetrin 100g / L

Dosage form

Suspension concentrate

Toxicity level

3 class


The drug is used effectively against thrips, aphids, spider mites, cotton bollworm and thrush. This drug is also effective in onions and does not lose its effectiveness for 15-20 days when used against thrips. Profenophos in the drug also has the ability to kill the eggs of butterflies. It is quickly absorbed through the leaf tissue and gives good results. Cypermethrin in the drug acts on pests superficially and through the gastrointestinal tract. This drug is absorbed through the leaves of the plant, spreads evenly throughout the body and is in constant motion, which in turn has a rapid and complete effect against all sucking pests.

Scope and consumption norms

Crop type Consumption rate l/ha Consumption of the drug for 10 liters of water (ml) Consumption of liquid per 1 l/ha Harmful insect type Number of times used seasonly at most
Cotton-plant 0.3-0.35 10-15 200-300 Spider mite, white wing, bollworms, handcuffs, tobacco thrips 2
Apple 0.35-0.4 3-5 600-1000 Spider mite, apple bug, blood lice 2
Onion 0.4-0.6 10-15 400-600 Thrips, aphid, bollworms 2