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Capacity: 1 L

Active ingredient:

Clodinafop propargyl 24% (240 g / l) + andidot cloquintocet mexil 6% (60 g / l)

Toxicity level:

3 class.


The drug is effective against annual weeds of autumn and spring wheat. Including: Recommended against weeds such as wild oats (whitehead), sorghum, foxtail.

This drug also contains an antidote to ensure that it does not adversely affect the crop. The drug stops plant growth a few hours after application, a significant effect appears after 3-5 days, and after 10-12 days the weeds completely dry out.

Recommendation: For 10 liters of water, it is recommended to add 5-10 ml of ECO SLIWETT for 10 liters of water or 10 ml of MAGNIT.

Crop type

Weed type

Consumption rate kg / ha

Consumption rate for 10 liters of water (ml)

Time and methods of application


Against annual weeds



After wheat germination, when weeds begin.