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Capacity: 100 ml

Active substance

Sodium bispiribaki 400 g / l

Dosage form

Suspension concentrate

Toxicity level

3 class


The drug is highly effective against biennial and perennial weeds in rice crops. It is enough to use this drug once a season. It is recommended to use Eco Sliwett surfactant when using this drug. When 15 ml of Normal Soil fertilizer is used in 10 liters of water at the time of preparation of the working solution, it further increases the effectiveness of the drug by reducing the salinity level of the working solution to normal.

Scope and consumption norms

Crop type Consumption rate l/ha Consumption of the drug for 10 liters of water (ml) Consumption of liquid per 1 l/ha Harmful insect type Number of times used seasonly at most
Rice 0.08-0.1 3-5 250-300 Against annuals and perennial corn weeds 1