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Capacity: 5 L

Active substance

Potassium salt of glyphosate acid 540 g / l

Dosage form

Aqueous solution

Toxicity level

3 class


The drug is against weeds in the fields where the planting of agricultural crops is planned. The herbicide should be applied after harvesting in areas where agricultural crops are grown, with soil moisture at 70-75%, when the weeds are 10-15 cm tall, during their active growth period, without touching the fruit bushes in gardens and vineyards. In the area where the herbicide was applied, it is possible to drive after 20-25 days. The result is known 10-15 days after applying this herbicide. Cannot be used where there is a crop. It also destroys the crop. In the gardens it is sown only by cultivating the weeds themselves, without touching the trees.

Scope and consumption norms

Crop type Harmful insect type Consumption rate l/ha Number of times used seasonly
Against weeds in the fields where agricultural crops are planned to be planted Annuals and perennial corn and dicotyledonous weeds 3.0-5.0 1