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Capacity: 1 L

Active ingredient:

Tsiksalafop-butyl 30% (300 g / l)

Toxicity level:

3 class.


The drug is used against annual rice weeds. When applying this herbicide, it is recommended to use Eco Drain or a magnetic surfactant (glue). When 15 ml of normal soil fertilizer is added to 10 liters of water during the preparation of the working solution, the effectiveness of the drug is additionally increased due to the normalization of the water in the working solution and a decrease in the salinity level. Common soil fertilizers are produced in Turkey and help normalize water salinity and also help soften the hardness of the soil in rice paddies. It also contains nitrogen.

Sphere of influence and measure of use:

Crop type

Weed type

Consumption rate kg / ha

Consumption rate for 10 liters of water (ml)

Time and methods of application


Against annual (millet) weeds



After the rice has germinated, it is applied in the initial period of weed growth.