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Capacity: 200 g

Active substance

Cresoxime-methyl, 500 g / kg

Dosage form

In water - dispersible granules

Toxicity level

3 class


The drug is used effectively in crops against squid, oidium, mildew, anthracnose, phytophthora, alternariosis, perenosporiosis and other diseases. When this fungicide is applied, the plants are quickly absorbed through the leaves and stems and spread in a tex. It affects the disease within an hour after application. It does not wash off in the rain. The plant has the ability to apply throughout the growing season. Prevents disease, has the ability to reliably protect the plant for 8 - 12 days, quickly stopping the process of spore formation of fungi if the disease has already begun. This drug can be used in combination with other drugs. It is recommended to test before use.

Scope and consumption norms

Crop type Consumption rate l/ha Consumption of the drug for 10 liters of water (ml) Consumption of liquid per 1 l/ha Harmful insect type Number of times used seasonly at most
Apple 0.2-0.3 1-3 600-1000 Kalmaraz, botrytis 2
Vine 0.2 1-2 400-600 Mildyu, anthracnose, oidium 2