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Capacity: 25 kg

Water-soluble fertilizer containing nitrogen and potassium elements.


Nitrogen (N) - 13.5%, Potassium (K2O) - 45.5%


• Prevents potassium deficiency in crops and increases plant resistance to diseases
• Prevents leaves from burning and twisting inwards
• Prevents fruit shredding
• Increases the resistance of plants to heat and cold
• Increases productivity by enlarging fruits

Scope and consumption norms

Crop type Through the leaves in 10 liters of water By drip irrigation in 1000 liters of water Time and methods of application
Open field crops 20-30 g 0.5-2.0 kg Once in every 7 days from harvest formation until harvest is ready, in total 2-3 times
Greenhouse crops 20-50 g 0.5-2.0 kg