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Capacity: 1 L

Water-soluble liquid fertilizer containing the element boron


Bor (B) - 11%. The most suitable is Boron (Boron Ethanol Amine) which is easy to absorb into the plant. Therefore, this fertilizer is quickly absorbed by plants and can be a solution to the problem of boron deficiency. Boron is the main element that ensures the flowering and fruiting of crops.


• Improves flowering
• Increases the amount of pollination of the flower
• Prevents flower and crop shedding
• Prevents boron element deficiency in plants
• Facilitates fruit set
• Can be used in greenhouses during bee pollination. There is no harm to bees at all


Can be used in conjunction with any pesticides and fertilizers! Must be tried before use! Consumption should not exceed the norm!

Scope and consumption norms

Crop type Through the leaves in 10 liters of water Spend on 1 hectare Time and methods of application
10 ml 0.3-0.5 l In total, twice during the fruiting period after flowering *With drip irrigation 3-5 liters per 1 hectare
Rice 8-10 ml 0.2-0.3 l Before the harvest
Greenhouse 10 ml 0.2-1.0 l In total, twice at intervals of 15 days before and after flowering * With drip irrigation 3-5 liters per 1 hectare
Melon, watermelon 8-10 ml 0.2-0.3 l At the time of fruiting before and after flowering
Tomato (open field) 10 ml 0.2-0.3 l Before and after flowering, in total twice